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Please e-mail me with comments or questions, or if you would like to purchase one of the signed prints (indicated by * after its title in the galleries and collections.) I do my own printing, so these are (so far) 1/1. Thank you for visiting. 

This is me, Jeannie Cornblum, in the back yard of my apartment house on Prospect Avenue in Hamburg, New York, being held by the ankles (aka "the wheelbarrow," whereby you proceed to walk on your hands) by my best friend, Joanie Schmitz, who lived just down the block. Her mother babysat me after school at their house when I was 5 and 6 and 7, and the Schmitz family, including their dog, Sparky, became my second family. Today Joanie is Joan Turley, she found me after 60 years, now we're Facebook friends, and she's the oldest (in time, not in age) friend I have. Who took this picture? Whoever it was––thank you for saving our childhoods in this way. You couldn't know that your snapshot would not only survive, but also bring its subjects back together, even if only online. Now that everyone with a cellphone is a photographer, isn't that part of what you, visitor, might want to do too, for the future?   

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